LSTN Troubadour Headphones

LSTN Troubadour Headphones
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LSTN Headphones Troubadours are an over-the-ear style high-end headphone made with reclaimed wood.  The detachable cable features a mic, a 3.5 mm TRRS plug, and two 2.5 mm plugs that connect to each can.  The audio from these headphones is beautiful.  I know that sound is subjective, and I'm not an audiophile, so I can't list a bunch of fancy words that the audiophiles use, for that, you'll have to hang out with all the smart people on the Head-Fi forums, there are some reviews over there. But I will say that the Troubadours feel comfortable for hours, and deliver a good range across the audio spectrum.  I'll also admit that the unit that I opened to give a quick listen will not be getting re-packaged to enter in to stock to sell because I refuse to let go of them.  You'll see the previous sentence in the other two models of LSTN headphones and might be inclined to cry "hogwash," whatever that is, but I fell in love with all three models and can't give either of them up...good thing my Wife isn't reading this!  Here is more information taken from LSTN Headphone's website, and I included a link at the bottom.

Plush, elegant, amazing sound; For the lovers of all things classic. The music fans who pay attention to details. The “sophisticated and stylish can’t leave home without my headphones” types. Each pair of LSTN Troubadours is individually handcrafted from real wood. No two pairs are the same and wood grain might vary from photos.

Reclaimed wood housing
Padded headband for long term use
Un-pluggable, wood enclosed, gold plated plugs
Durable, nylon wrapped cables
In-line microphone
Works with iPhone®, iPod®, Android®, Blackberry®
“Compact-able”, travel ready design
Woven Drawstring bag for protection

Speaker: 40mm
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
Sensitivity: 113+/-3dB At 1KHz1mW
Impedance: 40 Ohm
R&L balance< 3dB(20Hz-10KHz 1mW)
Rated input power: 10mW
Maximum input power: 20mW
Cable: length 1.2 m
Plug: 3.5 mm gold plated
Wood cup measures 3” L x 3” W

For more information about LSTN Headphones and the Starkey Hearing Foundation, here is a link to LSTN's website


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