Audiotech ABC CCM Switcher

New Audiotech ABC CCM Switcher
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The ABC Selector CCM (channel combine model) from Audiotech Guitar Products is your answer to multi-amplifier signal routing problems. The Audiotech Guitar Products ABC Selector CCM will allow you to run a clean, crunch and lead tone from three of your favorite amplifiers. Unlike other ABC switchers on the market today the Audiotech Guitar Products ABC Selector CCM will also allow you to combine up to three amps/channels in any combination you like. 

No frills or unnecessary features just easy in out switching. The Audiotech Guitar Products ABC Selector CCM comes with four 1/4" jacks for "A", "B" and "C" channels and a common "IN/OUT". The ABC CCM has smart jacks, meaning when there is no 1/4" plug inserted each channel (s) is shunted to ground. 

- Select or combine up to three amps or guitars in any combination
- Allows switching between a tuner and two amplifiers
- Use as an audio mute for silent guitar changes
- Grounds channels that are not in use when used to switch amps
- LED's indicate active channels when on a dark stage or in a dimly lit studio
- Shorting jacks ensure no open channels when connected to amp
- Uses highest quality components for the better signal integrity
- Housed in a heavy-duty cast aluminum enclosure for years of reliable use and performance 
- 9vDC (-) center power input for LED illumination
- Dimensions: 7.3" X 4.7" X 1.3"

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