GoGo Tuners TT-1 Chromatic Clip-On Tuner

GoGo Tuners TT-1 Chromatic Clip-On Tuner
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GoGo Tuners TT-1
Multi-Instrument Chromatic Clip-On Tuner


The TT-1! This versatile chromatic tuner is the precise device you need to efficiently and accurately tune your guitar, violin, bass, or viola. The TT-1 boasts an easy to read screen, a full range motion gentle grip clip, and a stout battery life.
Green you're in...
With ease of use and speed in mind, we gave the visual read of our tuner a crisp display, bright LED's, a large font, and an easy two-color tune system. If you see green, you're in tune. If you see red, you're out of tune.
Classic Precise Pitch...
Of course the top priority of designing the TT-1 was its tuning accuracy. The precision in our tuners is nearly unmatched, and is a sure-shot for perfect pitch - every time.


Tuner Type:  Chromatic, guitar, bass, violin, viola
Detection range:  A0(27.5Hz) - C8(4186.00 Hz)
Tuning:  Clip (piezo/vibration clipped on)
              Mic (internal mic detects sound)
Pitch range:  From 430Hz - 450Hz (1Hz steps)
Flat:  Flat: ♭, ♭♭, ♭♭♭, ♭♭♭♭
Detection accuracy:  +/- 0.5 cent
Display:  Backlit LED two-color screen
Mount:  360 swivel with full rotation
Power saver:  Auto shut-off to extend battery life
Power supply:  One 2032 button battery
Dimensions:  71(l) x 38(w) x 60(h) mm
Weight:  50g
Finish:  Gogo orange
Casing:  Heavy duty rubber construction




Greenyou're in  Redyou're out

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