Techflex Flexo Mounting System (FMS)

Techflex Flexo Mounting System (FMS)
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Techflex Flexo Mounting System (FMS)


Techflex's patented Flexo Wall Mounting System takes messy multi-cable wire terminations and collects them in a single wire sleeve, attractively terminating them with a secure mountable end. Simply run your loose wires through Flexo PET 1-1/2,", 1-3/4", or Flexo Clean Cut 1-1/2" sleeves (available separately) and affix the sleeve to the included locking collar. The locking collar then attaches to the included standard wall plate, providing a secure wall mount with strain relief and no cable constriction.

The installer-friendly collar clamps directly onto the sleeve for ideal strain relief — it does not attach to your wiring. The locking collar's two piece construction means that large connectors are not a problem as you don't need to fit them through a space with a set size. Constructed of automotive grade glass filled nylon, this unit is suitable for a variety of applications.

A few minutes of time for installation, without any specialized tools, results in a strong, neat and long lasting assembly that completely hides the wire bundle and allows free access to the bundle for removal or addition of additional wires.

Also available in beige and white, available by special order, please allow about one week for special orders.

Note: This item requires either Flexo PET 1-1/2", 1-3/4", or Flexo Clean Cut 1 1/2" sleeves for use.


What's Included

1 - Locking collar with retaining ring

1 - Wall plate



Techflex Flexo Mounting System














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