Gotham Audio SPK 2x4.0mm 50040 Premium Speaker Cable

Gotham Audio SPK 2x4.0mm 50040 Premium Speaker Cable
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Gotham Audio SPK 2 x 4.0mm

High flexible Speaker cable 50040

By The Foot


High flexible Speaker cable for power amplifiers up to 4000 watts. 224 strands of 0.15 mm bare copper wires, fine stranding for best flexibility but still affordable price. Best cost effectiveness yet still very flexible construction. Easy application to most connectors. PVC strands do keep the cable construction round and stable.



Gotham SPK Closeup



1 = Jacket:     Flameretarded PVC, Ø 9.4 mm, black

2 = Insulation:     PVC, Ø 3.9 mm, black and red

3 = Conductor:     (OFC) Stranded bare copper wires 7 x (32x0.15mm) (4.00mm²)


Flameretarded PVC Jacket (IEC 60332-3)

Technical specifications

Conductor resistance:     < 4.65 ohm/km

Test voltage:     cond/cond:     2000 veff

Temperature range:     flexi-installed:     -5° to +50° C

                                           fix-installed:     -30° to +70° C

Here is a thorough review on Gotham Cable used in a home stereo system setup.  The link points to this URL:

A little more history and details about Gotham Audio can be found here ( )





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