Gotham Audio GAC-4/1 11001 Star Quad Cable

Gotham Audio GAC-4/1 11001 Star Quad Cable
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Gotham Audio GAC-4/1 Star Quad

4-Conductor Microphone and Interconnect Cable 11001

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Gotham "Star-Quad" cables are the most advanced microphone cables presently available. We have combined an ultra-flexible PVC-jacket, low capacitive PE insulation, "double Reussen shielding" and quad (4-conductor) construction for a truly professional cable at an affordable price. The "Star-Quad" concept is known and recommended where the RF-rejection is the most important factor and where very long cable runs are needed. As we use each 2 conductors for low and high signal, we reduce the signal loss by 50% and due to the offset of the incoming RF-signal by the way the 4 conductors are twisted, the RF-rejection is over 130dB (25 kHz). The exclusive double shielding does its part of these features as well. 

GAC-4/1 Advanced double shielded Star-Quad with 96 strand conductors. Very Low capacitance. Great for long runs of mic cable. Tweeks love it. Black Only. A bit Less flexible than GAC-3 but perfectly sized and suited for all sorts of  line level interconnect uses.  The double shields are so much easier to work with than Canare’s braid. Audiophiles love this cable!  Best choice for Line Level Applications. 

Star quad cable's primary advantage is when cable is in close proximity to sources of EMI such as the ones mentioned above. This is very important on stages and in live venues -- but more often of negligible advantage in the studio. I do not know of any proof that quad wiring offers any superior performance when it comes to rejecting RFI, which is a far more common problem.

That being said, Gotham does recommend our GAC-4/1 as the best product for all line level applications. Certainly the low capacitance is a primary factor, along with the 96 strand 24 AWG conductors. And of course, the double Reussen shielding is its biggest selling point.

The performance is so good that one high end facility in Montreal decided not to use multi-pair cable and to wire everything with individual runs of GAC-4/1, an enormous extra expense. They used close to 2 miles of cable ! (Gotham does make a low capacitance quad multi-pair but it is very expensive and performance still does not match the individual cables).



1 = Jacket: PVC, Ø 5.4 mm, velvet black (ultra-soft)
2 = Shield No. 1: Bare copper wires (0.10 mm) 100% coverage
3 = Shield No. 2: Bare copper wires (0.10 mm) 100% coverage
4 = Viscose fiber coat: counter wrapped to the quad twisted conductors
5 = Insulation (cond): PE, Ø 1.2 mm, white, ivory, pink and red, quad-twisted 
6 = Conductor: Stranded bare copper wires 96 x 0.05 mm (0.20 mm2)
Technical specifications: 
Conductor resistance: < 125 Ohm/km 
Shielding resistance: < 20 Ohm/km
Capacitance: Cond/cond: <55 nF/km. 
Capacitance: Cond/shield: <103 nF/km
Side circuit capacitance: single conductor: 55 pF/m
Side circuit capacitance: Quad system: 135 pF/m
Noise attenuation: 130 dB (see wiring)
Characteristic impedance: at 20 kHz: 180 Ohm
Test voltage: Cond/cond: 500 veff. Cond/shield: 2000 veff
Operating voltage: low voltage 
Temperature range: Flexi-installed: -5° to +50° C. Fix-installed: -30° to +70° C
Wiring diagram:
GAC-4/1:          XLR-Connector:
1 = red              Pin 2
2 = pink             Pin 2
3 = white           Pin 3
4 = ivory            Pin 3
5 = screen 1+2  Pin 1
Microphone wiring diagram (Quad wiring)
1 = red
2 = pink
3 = white
4 = yellow or ivory
5 = screening 1 + 2
Here is a thorough review on Gotham Cable used in a home stereo system setup.  The link points to this URL:
A little more history and details about Gotham Audio can be found here ( )
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