Roadworthy Cables™ "French Quarter Series" instrument cables

Roadworthy Cables™ "French Quarter Series" instrument cables
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Roadworthy Cables™

French Quarter series

Instrument cables*

Starting at $23.96**

**Base price listed is for 3' length.  Price increases based on length you select.

These cables are made to order, so you choose how you want your cable terminated by selecting both "Jack" and "Jill" after selecting length.

Roadworthy Cables™ French Quarter series instrument cables are made with some of the finest materials available, resulting in a solid, reliable, and ‘roadworthy’ cable that will deliver years of worry-free use.

This pro series line of cable features Gotham Audio’s GAC-1 Ultra Pro cable (blue), praised for it’s neutrality, a very true mid-range, and how well it mates with instrument pickups due to it’s capacitance of 21 pF per foot, right in the sweet spot range for instrument cables. It’s reduced handling noise and high strength make it excellent for stage use and live applications, while many find it equally desirable in static applications, such as phono interconnect leads.

As with most of Gotham Audio’s cables, the GAC-1 Ultra Pro also features “Double Reussen Shielding.” (Two layers of 100% coverage, bare hair-thin copper wires, wound in opposite directions over the conductors to provide the maximum RF-rejection.). Both ends are terminated with G&H Industries ShowSaver™ plugs, using a silver/gold alloy solder after the entire cable is finished with black braided nylon sleeving for added durability.

Want more detailed information? Check out the Roadworthy Cables website for more info. (

We have switched to a thicker, more durable grade of outer sleeving.  The coverage will be quite a bit greater which will provide more protection.  The only other change is cosmetic, in that you will not see as much of the blue through the sleeving.  Once we assemble our first batch of cables with the new sleeving, we will update the photos. Since all of our cables are made to order, you can request a different color sleeving if you wish.


Assembled in U.S.A.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

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