Cable Kits

Cable Kits

Anyone who has invested any sort of time and money into their pedal board knows that pedals can be thought of like tattoos…it's hard to stop at just one, and you don't have to look too hard to see the multitudes of quality pedals entering the market on a daily basis.  The rule of thumb when connecting your pedals is to use the highest-quality cables possible within one’s price range, and to connect using the shortest possible length. Pedal board cable kits are available with cable and plugs, for those who want to make patch cables themselves.

On Stage Solutions prefers cable kits over pre-made patch cables because:

  • YOU get to specify the exact length, so you can avoid the extra cable flopping around on your board (and getting in the way)  JUST SAY NO TO CABLE FLOP! 
  • Every kit sold by On Stage Solutions is high-end, and was designed to integrate with the quality components on your board, ensuring the best possible connection between your pedals.
  • Once assembled (using easy to follow instructions), chances of failures are reduced to almost nonexistent. (You can also find several helpful step-by-step videos online)
  • Solder-Free Kits come with everything you need to assemble your patch cables...even a stripper! (Easy boy, not that kind of stripper!)
  • All of our cable kits utilize components that are designed to ensure the best possible flow for your signal passage from instrument to amp, the end result is the delivery of warm, clear, reliable and uncompromising tone with virtually no signal loss, the way your signal was meant to be heard.

Don't let your cables be the weakest link in your signal chain!

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