Oyaide NEO DC-2.1G

Oyaide NEO DC-2.1G
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Oyaide DC-2.1G
2.1mm Coax DC Power Plug
Pleast note: As of August 2016, I was informed that these are no longer available from Oyaide when I placed an order for more. I was also told that they will be updating this item in the future (no idea when), and raising the price. I was unable to locate any remaining stock to purchase during my last order, so once my remaining stock are gone, they're gone. I will update this once I get more information from Oyaide. Thank you.
Due to high demand, Oyaide has released a limited edition run of 2.1 mm and 2.5 mm DC power plugs.  These plugs use a solder terminal constructed with RoHS-compliant high quality brass plated with 24K gold, and can accommodate a wide range of cable sizes.  To accommodate different depth sizes of DC jacks, this plug comes with three spacer rings made of silicone, essentially giving you four depths: 9.5 mm, 11 mm, 12.5 mm, and 14 mm.
Specifications of DC-2.1G
Body Material: Gold-plated brass finish
Cover material: Berri brass chrome-plated finish
Plug Type: PL03A (φ5.5mmxφ2.1mm)
Max Cable O.D.: 6.3mm
Accessories: Comes with three silicon spacer rings
Manufacturer Oyaide electricity
Oyaide DC-2.1G 2.1mm DC Power Plug
**Please note that the descriptions of Oyaide's products may be roughly translated from Oyaide's Japanese website.  I believe they were written by the owner, who is an audiophile, and very passionate about the quality of his products.  I will edit these as I discover errors, or wording that did not translate clearly.
Also note that all Oyaide products sold at On Stage Solutions are restricted to U.S. customers, and customers from countries who do not currently have an authorized Oyaide dealer listed here: http://www.oyaide.com/ENGLISH/dealers.html .  Any orders placed from countries who have distributors are subject to cancellation.  Thank you for understanding.
WARNING of counterfeit products:  Please be aware of the counterfeit products of Oyaide AC power plugs and IEC connectors! The best way to avoid the risk of counterfeit products is to always purchase from an authorized dealer.  On Stage Solutions is an authorized dealer for Oyaide.  If you would like verification of this, please direct your browser tothe one and only US distributor for Oyaide (The Lotus Group) on their distributors page, go to their dealers page, and you will see On Stage Solutions listed just past half way down.  Here's a quick link (http://www.lotusgroupusa.com/Dealers.htm).  I mention this only because I want all of my customers to feel that they can shop with confidence knowing that On Stage Solutions only carries authentic items purchased from official distributors.
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