Oyaide NEO P-275TL 90° ¼" TRS (Stereo) RA 7.5

Oyaide NEO P-275TL 90° ¼" TRS (Stereo) RA 7.5
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Oyaide NEO P-275TL

90° ¼" TRS (Stereo) RA 7.5


Stylish appearance, clear and powerful sound, precision machining that Japan is proud of, the pursuit of simplicity, and unbeatable quality, the “NEO P-series” ¼" stereo 90° phone plug was born out of desire to create a high-end plug that incorporates fewer components, reduce waste, and achieve the cleanest transmission characteristics.  
The body and sleeve portion was precision cut using CNC machining from one single bar of brass that is compliant with the European RoHS Directive.  The tip and soldering plate are also made from an integrated brass shaft, eliminating unnecessary components between the cable and the tip, resulting in less signal loss, and increased mechanical strength.  Teflon was used for the isolation ring between Tip, Ring, and Sleeve for its superior isolation properties & electrical characteristics, and inside the main unit, Bakelite (regarded for electrical non-conductivity and heat-resistant properties) was used to further insulate the tip and ring.  Electroless nickel plating ensures surface thickness uniformity.  The cap base is knurled both for aesthetic design and anti-slip function, and chamfered (beveled) at the end to resist cable damage.  This plug will accept cable sizes up to 7.5 mm.  
This well-designed balance of complex elements from various perspectives result in a superior quality plug that conforms to both JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) with functionality, stylish appearance, as well as powerful, clear sound. 
Specification of P-285TL
Body: Brass (European RoHS directive compliant)
Housing material:   Brass (European RoHS directive compliant)
Housing surface: Chrome plating
Contact:   Brass (European RoHS directive compliant)
Contact Plating: Electroless nickel plating
Structure (body & terminal): Precision CNC machining.
Connection method: Soldering
Install cable O.D.:  7.5 mm
Manufacturer: NEO (Oyaide electricity)
Oyaide P-275 P-285 Illustration details
**Please note that the descriptions of Oyaide's products may be roughly translated from Oyaide's Japanese website.  I believe they were written by the owner, who is an audiophile, and very passionate about the quality of his products.  I will edit these as I discover errors, or wording that did not translate clearly.
Also note that all Oyaide products sold at On Stage Solutions are restricted to U.S. customers, and customers from countries who do not currently have an authorized Oyaide dealer listed here: http://www.oyaide.com/ENGLISH/dealers.html .  Any orders placed from countries who have distributors are subject to cancellation.  Thank you for understanding.
WARNING of counterfeit products:  Please be aware of the counterfeit products of Oyaide AC power plugs and IEC connectors! The best way to avoid the risk of counterfeit products is to always purchase from an authorized dealer.  On Stage Solutions is an authorized dealer for Oyaide.  If you would like verification of this, please direct your browser to the one and only US distributor for Oyaide (The Lotus Group) on their distributors page, go to their dealers page, and you will see On Stage Solutions listed just past half way down.  Here's a quick link (http://www.lotusgroupusa.com/Dealers.htm).  I mention this only because I want all of my customers to feel that they can shop with confidence knowing that On Stage Solutions only carries authentic items purchased from official distributors.
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