Lava Cable Power Tube™ Pedal board Snake

Lava Cable Power Tube™ Pedal board Snake
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Lava Cable
Power Tube™ Pedal Board Snake
The Lava Power Tube™ Pedal Board Snake is an innovative 6-Cable all-in-one snake designed to wire up any type of pedal board. This snake is fully customizable and includes cables for AC Power (shielded), Amp in (Lava ELC), Effects Send and Return (Lava Mini ELC), TS/TRS/XLR Foot-switch, and CAT 5/MIDI 3, 5 or 7-Pin.
At 3/4” in outer diameter, the Lava Power Tube™ is very flexible and can be terminated in many different configurations. The effects send and return cables work with Lava Solder-Free and Soldered Mini Plugs. The cables are color coded and use-identified with clearly legible print legends. All cables are shielded so there is no crosstalk and noise. The AC power cord can even be terminated so a power Y cable can be used for multiple power supplies. There is no other snake quite like it. Finally there is a snake that can wire everything on any pedal board! The Lava Tube™ can be purchased as bulk cable or terminated in Lava Cable’s Custom Shop. 
Proudly Made in USA.
Lava Tube Features:
Fully customizable and include cables for AC Power (shielded), Amp In, Effects Send, Effects Return, Mono Foot-switch, Stereo Foot-switch or XLR, and CAT 5/MIDI 5 or 7-Pin
*Be Advised that this item is a "Drop-Ship" item from Lava Cable.  This means that if/when you place an order for this item with On Stage Solutions, our faithful and helping-friendly roadies will walk briskly to the stockroom with your order to find the cable, only they will not find it.  Bewildered, they will regroup with the rest of the crew out back, where they will smoke several cigarettes, laugh about the good ol' days, and single out absent people for intense criticism.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, "The Machine" will use all kinds of high-tech volts and sparks to transmit your order to the fine folks at Lava Cable, who will build your cable to your exact specifications, test it, bag it, tag it, box it, and then send it on it's way to you.  This process may take a few weeks, and it's completely out of our control, so if you need it fast or by a certain date, you will need to get in contact with us by email or phone so we can inquire with Lava Cable to see what their workload is to give you a better idea of when you can expect to see your cable.  

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