Techflex Flexo Noise Reduction Self-Fitting Protective Oversleeve

Techflex Flexo Noise Reduction Self-Fitting Protective Oversleeve
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Flexo Noise Reduction

Self-Fitting Protective Oversleeve

By The Foot.

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Flexo Noise Reduction is a biaxially braided hybrid sleeving combining monofilament and multifilament PET yarns to create a full coverage expandable sleeve that substantially reduces noise on wires, tubes and hoses, and has a much softer feel, and more flexible properties than Flexo PET.

The lightweight, rugged construction also provides protection from abrasion and vibration that is far superior to foam harness sleeves. NR expands for easy installation over splices and connectors and is flexible enough for tight radius applications.

The braided construction will not hold moisture and drains quickly when immersed. NR is used in body wiring harnesses, instrument panel and lighting wiring, cable & hose assemblies, and other limited access applications where noise reduction is desirable.

Material: Polyethylene Terepthalate
Grade: NRN
Wall Thickness: .025”

Abrasion Resistance:  Medium
Abrasion Test Machine: Taber 5150
Abrasion Test Wheel: Calibrase H-18
Abrasion Test Load: 500g

Rating: *UL94 
*UL 94 V-O Raw Material
Melt Point (ASTM D-2117):  446°F (230°C)
Maximum Continuous (Mil-I-23053): 257°F (125°C)
Minimum Continuous: -94°F (-70°C)

Physical Properties

Monofilament Diameter (ASTM D-204): .010

Recommended Cutting: Hot Knife
Colors: 1 (Black)
Wall Thickness: .025
Tensile Strength — Yarn (ASTM D-2256) Lbs.: 7.5
Specific Gravity (ASTM D-792): 1.38
Moisture Absorption % (ASTM D-570): .1-.2

Hard Vacuum Data (ASTM E-595 at 10-5 torr)
TML: .19
CVCM: .00
WVR: .16
Outgassing: Medium
Oxygen Index (ASTM D-2863): 21

Chemical Resistance [1=No Effect, 2=Little Effect, 3=Affected, 4=More Affected, 5=Severely Affected]
Aromatic Solvents: 2
Aliphatic Solvents: 1
Chlorinated Solvents: 3
Weak Bases:  1
Salts: 1
Strong Bases: 2
Salt Water 0-S-1926: 1
Hydraulic Fluid MIL-H-5606:  1
Lube Oil MIL-L-7808: 1
De-Icing Fluid MIL-A-8243:  1
Strong Acids:  3
Strong Oxidants:  2
Esters/Keytones:  1
UV Light:  1
Petroleum: 1
Fungus ASTM G-21: 1
Halogen Free: Yes
RoHS: Yes
SVHC: None

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