GoGo Tuners Caliber Pedal Tuner

GoGo Tuners Caliber Pedal Tuner
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GoGo Tuners
"The Caliber Pedal"
Multi-Instrument Chromatic Pedal Tuner

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GoGo Tuners debuts their latest product, the GoGo Caliber Pedal Tuner. The new tuner features upgrades such as a calibration mode and tighter tuning accuracy. The Caliber pedal is built with the same solid construction as their signature model "GoGo Pedal," and finished with a gunmetal dark gray finish.  The display is big and bold, and operation couldn't be easier.  The Caliber pedal has just earned a permenant spot on my pedalboard


The new tuning pedal has a calibration function with wide reference pitches from 430Hz to 450Hz, allowing tighter tuning accuracy. It uses chromatic tuning with +/- .5-cent accuracy and a wide detection range of A0 (27.5Hz)- C8 (4186.00Hz). The pedal is equipped with true bypass and provides daisy chain power for other pedals. The high definition big screen is easily visible in all lighting situations, making it perfect for stage, studio, and bedroom guitarists. With GoGo’s signature “green you’re in, red you’re out”, tuning becomes easy by eliminating any of the guesswork when tuning. The entire display changes green when you are in tune, and red when you are out of tune. The pedal tuner features a metal chassis for improved durability and longer lifetime performance.












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