About Us

ShopOnStage.com, is the official website for On Stage Solutions, LLC of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy. On Stage Solutions is a small business that specializes in quality, roadworthy products for musicians and DIY gear-heads.  (OnStage.Solutions also re-directs to shoponstage.com, and is easier to remember!)

So...Who are these guys?!? I started Building custom audio cables under the Roadworthy Cables brand, then started selling components for cable building, and slowly added items that I know, use, like, and believe in.

With ten years experience touring in a professional capacity, I took note of what type of build quality it takes to survive, without fail, night after night in a rough, hellish nightmare filled with death, destruction, and disasters of catastrophic and immense proportions, also known as a "touring environment."  Items worthy of earning a permenant spot in an artist's signal chain are what I focus on. 

On Stage Solutions is an authorized web dealer for, and proudly represents the following companies/brands: Roadworthy Cables, Lava Cables, Gotham Audio, Furutech, Oyaide, MotionSound Amps, EarthQuaker Devices, Audiotech Guitar Products, GoGo Tuners, G&H Industries, Cardas, ViaBlue, LSTN Headphones, and Techflex products.


On Stage Solutions builds high-end, custom audio cables under the Roadworthy Cables brand. Whether you are playing stadium gigs or pickin' with friends in the garage, we have, or will make a cable tailored to your needs, and will stand behind it with a lifetime warranty. Our cables are made from the highest quality components, built to withstand years of life on the road, and pass a clean signal while resisting electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Roadworthy Cables are designed to withstand one of music's most grueling test of endurance...The Road.


"By purchasing from On Stage Solutions, you are supporting one of America's many small businesses, and I sincerely thank you for doing so!  I pledge to provide every customer with the highest level of customer service, whether you spend $0.25 or $2500. If, for some reason, I am unable to help you with your particular needs, I will refer you to somebody who can.  Customer satisfaction is my highest priority, and I am grateful to everyone who allows me to prove it."

-- TC Santos