Furutech Outlet Cover Plate 102-D Duplex (1Pc/box)

New Furutech Outlet Cover Plate 102-D Duplex (1Pc/box)
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Furutech Outlet Cover 102-D Duplex Outlet Receptacle Cover Plate (1Pc/box)

These new and greatly improved Pure Transmission 102-D duplex Receptacle Cover Plates are finished in stainless steel and employ stainless screws. These plate covers are designed for use with Furutech’s FP-15A-N1/FP-20A-N1/FT-D20A/FT-S20A series receptacles.

Furutech Takes Resonance Control Seriously

The remarkable Fo-Q Anti-Resonance Material used in these superb receptacle cover plates was developed by Prof. Masao Sumita of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, with support from the JST (Japanese Science and Technology Promotion Agency). 

This incredible material reduces mechanically-induced distortion using the principles of molecular friction and piezoelectric loss to remarkable effect in improving every aspect of sound and image reproduction.


・Stainless Fixed Screw/Size: M4 X 12mm(L)
・Stainless Cover /Size: 71X116 mm(t: 1.2mm) With “FO-Q” vibration damping material


MSRP: $36.00 


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