Motion Sound PRO-3X Rotary Horn Amp

Motion Sound PRO-3X Rotary Horn Amp
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Motion Sound PRO-3X
Mechanical Rotary Horn Amp with Low Rotor Simulator
(Currently out of stock, but we have more on order)
The PRO-3X Rotary Horn Amplifier by Motion Sound adds an actual mechanical rotary horn to your existing guitar or keyboard amplifier that delivers the rich 3D sound only a real rotary horn can provide. The PRO-3X also has a low rotor simulator output to provide classic rotary organ sound with the rotary horn. Fast/Slow/Stop speed control is included with this compact, highly-portable unit. (about the size of three large pizza boxes stacked)  If you ever wanted that true rotary speaker doppler sound, this is a perfect addition to any working musician’s rig, both live and studio.  The PRO-3X’s size and weight won’t break backs loading in and out night after night, you can’t beat the price, it’s built to last, and most importantly, the sound from this unit is incredible.  The PRO-3X has an MSRP of $1000, but On Stage Solutions is able to offer these units for $800.
Customers local to Northern Wilmington, NC are encouraged to call or email On Stage Solutions to arrange a demonstration of this, or any other Motion Sound products in stock.
If you are local to the Wilmington, NC area and would like to schedule an appointment to hear this in person, please email TC[at], or call toll free (877) XLR-2-TRS, and I'll be more than happy to meet you, please research a public location that has electricity, and don't forget to bring your cabinet (if you wish to hear the simulated low-end output) and instrument.  Using your equipment will give you a better idea of how this will sound with your setup.
  • Mechanical rotary horn with 45 watt amplifier
  • Fast/Slow/Stop speed control
  • 800Hz crossover
  • Proprietary class A, AB, B variable mode FET pre-amp
  • Treble and mid EQ controls
  • Adjustable low rotor simulator with high and low frequency controls.
  • Removable-cord LED control foot-switch
  • Low rotor simulator LED speed indicator
  • 1/4-inch low rotor simulator output.
  • Built-in horn microphone
  • Horn microphone and low rotor mixer to 1/4-inch output for PA use or support amplification.
  • 6.5"H 20"W 16.5"D 27 lbs.

PLEASE NOTE: You will most likely need to choose UPS for shipping this item unless you are shipping outside USA. These are wired for USA electricity 120VAC.  240VAC units can be special ordered, but will take time to build. I have shipped 120V units to Europe, and know that they CAN work with the use of an adaptor, but if you do this, you run the risk of voiding your warranty.

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