Roadworthy Cables™ "Silver Eagle Series" balanced cables

Roadworthy Cables™ "Silver Eagle Series" balanced cables
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Roadworthy Cables™

Silver Eagle Series

Balanced Cables

Starting at $27.18**

**Base price listed is for 1' length.  Price increases based on length you select.

These are made to order, so you choose how you want your cable terminated by selecting both "Jack" and "Jill" after selecting length.

Roadworthy Cables™ Eagle series microphone cables are a ‘pro series’ line of balanced cables that features GAC-3 cable by Gotham Audio (grey), their signature, and best selling product, with a lineage going back to the EMT cables developed in 1966. Neumann introduced the current design a few years later, at a time when phantom powered, solid-state microphones (Neumann FET 80 series) were first becoming popular.  It’s combination of 3-conductor construction, with 96 strand 24AWG conductors results in a microphone cable that remains uniquely small, lightweight, highly flexible and durable, with superior resistance to RFI/EMI.  Even with a relatively high capacitance spec, GAC-3 mates exceptionally well with microphones with none of the loss of HF definition that one might assume the higher capacitance product might have*, making it the number one choice for performance and durability both on stage and in the studio. (The oft-cited 1984 Neil Muncy AES paper on cable related noise susceptibility rated GAC-3 as the best performing cable, verifying the origin Neumann design.). 

Both ends are terminated with G&H Industries’ new black and gold or silver XLR connectors.  (All XLR exteriors are black, the gold and silver referrs to the metal used inside the connector.) While XLR connectors have been around for quite some time, these particular plugs have been redesigned from the ground up, rather than modeling them after existing models, which is sure to make them "the new standard against which all others will be compared."  Features of these connectors include: Zinc-die cast shells with a black finish, chuck type strain relief system for secure clamping of cables, flexible boot gland for high protection against bending and flexing stresses, male XLR connector uses machined Tellurium Copper for the pins, instead of using Brass 
(Neutrik), which has almost 4 times the conductivity over Brass. (Higher conductivity provides better 
signal flow through the connector.), female XLR connectors use Beryllium Copper for the sockets, instead of stamped Phosphor 
Bronze (Neutrik), which has 3 times the conductivity for better signal flow and improved lifetime retention and contact span.  These cables also have the option of being terminated with G&H Industries’ ¼” TRS ShowSaver™ plugs. Please note that a 1/4" Right Angle selection may be from a different manufacturer. All solder connections are made using a silver/gold alloy solder after the entire cable is finished with a braided nylon (grey) sleeving for added durability.  Assembled in U.S.A. 

After ordering, please expect an email inquiring about what you would like printed on the heat shrink on your cable. I usually include your last name, however, some customers prefer the name of a studio, band name, etc.

Want more detailed information? Check out the Roadworthy Cables™ website for more info. (

* (Neumann has consistently maintained the cable has no meaningful loss all the way out to 100 meters.)



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