Oyaide NEO P-2.5SR TRS Sub-Mini Plug Silver/Rhodium

New Oyaide NEO P-2.5SR TRS Sub-Mini Plug Silver/Rhodium
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Oyaide P-2.5SR

2.5mm Stereo Sub-Mini Plug Silver + Rhodium Plating

Roughly translated from the Oyaide website with minor edits:

On Stage Solutions JUST got these in, and I have not had time to clean up the VERY rough translation below from Japanese, but I did not want to leave this area blank. Will update soon!

Oyaide P-2.5SR


The highest grade 2.5mm version mini plug has been added to Oyaide electrical plug mini series

Turned silver + rhodium two-layer plated pins, and chrome-plated cover of machined brass, high-quality sound technology to meet the voice overlooking the 2.5 mini plug a high-grade, the Oyaide electricity, and turn on the 2.5mm version in mini-plug series. 
It is the best quality goods that make it followed the P-3.5SR, silver + rhodium two-layer plated pins, and chrome-plated cover of machined brass, and incorporate high-quality sound technology, and in consideration for sound quality most 2.5 mini plug.

* 2.5 mini plug high quality and thorough pursuit of sound quality
* TRS at (3-pole) type, can be made of the stereo cable
* Silver + Rhodium-plated pin two layers
* Chrome-plated cover of machined brass
* Support for cables up to φ4 mm in diameter
* Some tie-up shop limited handling electrical goods Oyaide Akihabara, and Oyaide electrical shop online,

Size is only slightly different 3.5 and 2.5 mini mini, discrimination is difficult. 
When looking for, use the target model is either 2.5 mini plug, please confirm. 
In addition, even in the 2.5 mini plug insertion corresponding type (such as Shure made ​​headphones have a locking mechanism to prevent missing the mating portion of the plug), may not put the difference is P-2.5SR depending on the shape of the plug portion there.



Shape: 3-pole 2.5 stereo mini plug (TRS)
Material: Pin: brass cover: Brass
Plating: Pin: two-layer silver lower (1.5 micrometer thick) + upper layer of rhodium (0.3 micrometer thick) gloss chrome covers:
Connection method: Soldering
Cable fit diameter: 4.0mm or less
Size: Total length 33.8mm (10.9mm length Uchipin), pin diameter 2.5mm, cover a maximum outer diameter 8.0mm
Manufacturer: Oyaide electricity



**Please note that the descriptions of Oyaide's products may be roughly translated from Oyaide's Japanese website.  I believe they were written by the owner, who is very passionate about the quality of his products.  I will edit these as I discover errors, or wording that did not translate clearly.
Also note that all Oyaide products sold at On Stage Solutions are restricted to U.S. customers, and customers from countries who do not currently have an authorized Oyaide dealer listed here: http://www.oyaide.com/ENGLISH/dealers.html .  Any orders placed from countries who have distributors are subject to cancellation.  Thank you for understanding.
WARNING of counterfeit products:  Please be aware of the counterfeit products of Oyaide AC power plugs and IEC connectors! The best way to avoid the risk of counterfeit products is to always purchase from an authorized dealer.  On Stage Solutions is an authorized dealer for Oyaide.  If you would like verification of this, please direct your browser to the one and only US distributor for Oyaide (The Lotus Group) on their distributors page, go to their dealers page, and you will see On Stage Solutions listed just past half way down.  Here's a quick link (http://www.lotusgroupusa.com/Dealers.htm).  I mention this only because I want all of my customers to feel that they can shop with confidence knowing that On Stage Solutions only carries authentic items purchased from official distributors.


Oyaide P-2.5SR sub-mini 2.5mm audio plug


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